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Your 2-way conduit for anonymous feedback.

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What is DeadDrop?

DeadDrop allows for anonymous, 2-way communication between Feedbackers and DeadDrop Owners.

How does it work?

for DeadDrop Owners

If you want people in your community / business / organization to be able to message you anonymously, then you will want to start a DeadDrop and become a DeadDrop Owner. When you create your DeadDrop, you will be given a public link to that DeadDrop that you can either place on your website, send via email, or distribute in any way you see fit.

for DeadDrop Feedbackers

If you want to send anonymous feedback to a DeadDrop Owner, then you will follow the link that the Owner provided. The link will automatically start a brand new Private Conversation between you and Owner.

Why should I use DeadDrop?

You, as a DeadDrop Owner can not only receive anonymous feedback, you can write back to the Feedbacker as well.


"Thanks for the feedback! We have received several other concerns of this nature and are working on it!"
"Can you give us more information regarding your complaint?"
"We received your feedback and will be holding a company-wide meeting to address your concern."

What is your privacy policy?

You can find out more about DeadDrop and how we operate by going to our policies page.