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Conversations in this DeadDrop go straight to DeadDrop staff. Have a problem or a concern? Want to see an improvement? Use our DeadDrop to reach us. Yes, you'll still be anonymous, so if you want us to get back to you, provide your email, or put your contact information in the body of your message. Thanks for using DeadDrop!

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You can post your anonymous feedback here at this Deaddrop. The Owner of this DeadDrop will be notified immediately. This is the start of an anonymous conversation between you and the Owner!

Providing your email is totally optional!

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If you do not provide an email, then it will be entirely up to you to periodically check this DeadDrop for a response from the Owner, via your Private Conversation Link.

Your Private Conversation Link will be generated upon your first posting to this DeadDrop. [HELP: I forgot my Private Conversation Link!]