Feedbackers: “I forgot my Private Conversation Link!”

If you started a conversation in a DeadDrop, but then forgot your Private Conversation Link, you have options!

  1. We might remember you!

    Unless you disabled 'Remember me' when you started the Conversation, then we will remember you on this computer!

    Go to to pick right back up where you started.

  2. Check your email

    If you provided an email address to us when you created the Conversation, then we sent you an email containing the Private Conversation Link. Check your email. If you don't find it, check your SPAM folder.

  3. Check your browser history

    In your browser menu click History to view your browsing history.

    Your Private Conversation URL will look something like:{SomeLongCodeThingy}

  4. Worst case: Start a new Conversation at the DeadDrop

    Well, it's not the end of the world. Simply go back to the DeadDrop link that the Owner provided and start up a new Conversation. If you reference your previous Conversation with the Owner, they'll likely be able to understand.