Our Policies

Below is a list of our policies, and some of the thinking behind DeadDrop.

How do we keep your information private?

Our two main ways of keeping Feedbackers anonymous is a product of our Email Encryption Policy and our Conversation Deletion Policy. See below for more details.

Email Encryption Policy

Feedbackers may choose to provide an email to us in order to allow DeadDrop to send notifications to the Feedbacker once an Owner posts a reply.

DeadDrop encrypts all Feedbacker emails. Additionally, DeadDrop's Conversation Deletion Policy also removes any traces of your email after the Conversation has been marked inactive.

Conversation Deletion Policy

All Conversations on DeadDrop are deleted forever after 30 days of inactivity.

If a Conversation goes past 30 days with no activity, the Conversation will be deleted. Upon deletion, the DeadDrop Owner will automatically be sent a full transcript of the entire conversation to their email. In this way, the Conversation is lost forever from our system, but transferred to the Owner's email.

"Remember Me" when creating a new Conversation

As a Feedbacker starting a new Conversation, you can opt-in to be remembered on that computer / device. We remember what Conversation you were in for 30 days from your last post. We do not track anything else. You are anonymous.

Will we ever release information about an Owner or Feedbacker?

In extreme conditions, and only in extreme conditions, yes.

If there is threat of physical danger to either party - Feedbackers or Owners - that should come to the attention of the authorities, DeadDrop will comply with law enforcement to ensure that all users of the system are safe.

Outside of physical threats to users and/or their property, DeadDrop's policy is to stay completely removed from all communication.